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vacuum blood collection tube

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Product Name: vacuum blood collection tube
Supply Ability:
Specifications 13*75&13*100mm
Port of loading: qingdao or any port
Minimum Order
Unit Price:
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Plain Tube :
non additive tube, red colorb. Centrifuge rate: 5000r/min
Pro-coagulation Tube
red cap tube with clot activatorb. blood sample coagulate within 3-5 mins
Clot activator and gel Tube
a. Yellow cap tube, clot activator and gel added
b. Clear separation can be seen
PT Tube
a. Blue cap tube with 3.2% sodium citrate
b. mainly applied for plasma determination of PT, APTT values
Glucose Tube
a. Grey cap tube with sodium Fluoride and Potassium Oxalate
b. It is designed for the analysis of blood sugar and lactate
Heparin tube
a. Dark green cap tube with Lithium heparin
b. The anticoagulant heparin block the coagulation process and produce a whole blood /plasma sample
Heparin Tube with Gel
a. Light green cap tube with lithium heparin and gel
b. Gel provides a barrier between plasma and blood cell to prevent substance exchange
c. Best choice for electrolyte test and plasma analysis
a. Purple cap tube with EDTA K2 added
b. Widely used in clinical hematology and blood type verification
ESR Tube
a. Black cap tube with 3.8% sodium citrate
b. Applied for blood sedimentation rate determination


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